Measurement Parameters:

  • PM1
  • PM2,5
  • PM10
  • air temperature
  • atmospheric pressure
  • humidity
  • IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)


  • diameter: 83 mm
  • height: 27 mm
  • weight: 150 g

Connection and battery:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Micro USB
  • Non-replaceable battery

Package content:

  • Dust Air Dust Sampler
  • Lanyard
  • User Manual
  • Micro USB Cable

Dedicated App

This dedicated app, using GPS, precisely locates the personal dust meter, sends the measurement data to the server, puts the results on the measurement map and visualizes them on the smartphone screen.


Access to data history.

Free access to measurement data history is a maximum of 10 days back.


Small dimensions.

Fastened to a belt, bag, school bag or bicycle, it allows you to run an unlimited number of measurements throughout the day.


Instant measurement.

Pressing the button illuminates the LED, a specific color informs the user what the air quality is in a given place.

Detailed picture of what you’re breathing.

Using GPS, the Dust Air application on the smartphone shows a map of air quality of all the places where a given dust sampler was present, while the dustair.gig.eu website displays information taken from all the active personal dust samplers in the field. Together, the Dust Air Personal Controler and the Dust Air Sampler application give a full picture of the pollutants that the user was exposed to throughout the day.

These data are used as the basis to determine the IAQ index (Indoor Air Quality). The index refers to a specific measuring point, and its value can be as follows:

0-50 Good.
Air quality commonly accepted as satisfactory. Air pollution on this level has negligible or no influence on health.

51-100 Moderate.
The air quality is acceptable for most people. However, the most sensitive population group may experience discomfort.

101-150 Poor.
Adverse health effects may occur in the sensitive part of the population. The major part of the population should feel relatively well.

151-200 Unhealthy.
The entire population begins to experience adverse health effects. This level can be very hazardous to the health of the most sensitive part of the population.

201-300 Very unhealthy.
Staying under these conditions may result in serious health problems in the entirety of the population.

301-500 Harmful.
Serious health hazard. Staying under these conditions is considerably harmful to health.

500+ Toxic.
Living under such conditions is impossible. It is unwise, unhealthy and unsafe.

The Dust Air dust meter together with the educational materials package is intended primarily for local government units and educational institutions.

It is not a device intended for professional use – it serves to disseminate and strengthen information on the state of the environment, and in particular to provide local communities and local governments with access to diverse and full information on smog hazards.