The Public Air Monitoring Network.

Unlike stationary measuring points, the Dust Air program can accommodate vast and dense measuring networks by taking measurements in every location where any personal dust sampler was present. All the results are depicted in the form of measuring points on a Google map with access to full data history.

We would like to invite all Dust Air sampler users to a “healthy competition in the name of clean air” in the form of the Public Air Monitoring Network. As part of this initiative, local administration units registered on that perform the greatest number of measurements in different locations on their territory through their facilities (schools, government offices, etc.) using the Dust Air samplers will be placed in the ranking available on the website. We will establish a pollution map there (updated once a month) with an applied hexagon grid presenting areas with the most dense measuring networks as well as current and archive values of pollution levels.

Map of pollution made as part of the action “WE HAVE WE DO NOT POISON”
in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland.

Smart device tailored to the challenges of the modern world!

The basic function of the Dust Air program is to share and expand information about the environment, and particularly to provide local communities and administration with access to full and diverse information concerning smog hazards

Dust Air Specs