The Dust Air Personal Controler.

The Dust Air Personal Controler dust sampler is a smart device fit for the challenges of the modern world! This device helps you make the best decisions for the health of your family!

Made In Poland

The Central Mining Institute – National Research Institute and the Polish manufacturer Emag-Serwis Sp. z o.o. guarantee a solid and innovative structure of the dust sampler itself, the high quality, reliability and accuracy of the measurements as well as the correct functioning of the entire system.

Instant access to data.

The dust meter is a small device that measures in real time and informs the user about the air quality in a given place, and at the right moment alerts about the need for preventive measures.

What are you breathing?

Together, the Dust Air Personal Controler and the Dust Air Sampler application give a full picture of the pollutants that the user was exposed to throughout the day, by measuring and indicating the following parameters: PM1 PM2.5 PM10, air temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity. Based on this data, the IAQ indicator is determined.

Highest Quality International 2020

We have been awarded in the “Highest Quality International 2020” competition, obtaining the title of Laureate and Golden Emblem in the QI Product category for the highest quality “Dust Air portable dust meter” in Poland in April 2020.

Platinum Medal for Dust Air

On October 14-16, 2019, the 13th International Warsaw Invention Exhibition “IWIS 2019” took place in Warsaw, during which Dust Air was awarded the Platinum Medal.

The Dust Air personal dust sampler was awarded a Gold Medal

The Dust Air personal dust sampler was awarded a Gold Medal with a distinction at the international invention exhibition that took place in Spain on 17-19.10.2019.

Dust Air Turns Gold

The Dust Air personal dust sampler was awarded a Gold Medal at the international invention exhibition in Hyderabad – the capital of the state of Telangana in India.

Silver Laurel of Innovation

On December 10, 2019, at the headquarters of the Technical Services Team of the NOT Warsaw Capital Council, our solution was awarded the “Silver Laurel of Innovation”.

Smart device tailored to the challenges of the modern world!

The basic function of the Dust Air program is to share and expand information about the environment, and particularly to provide local communities and administration with access to full and diverse information concerning smog hazards.

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