The IAQ index refers to a specific measuring point, and its value can be as follows:

0-50 Good.
Air quality commonly accepted as satisfactory. Air pollution on this level has negligible or no influence on health.

51-100 Moderate.
The air quality is acceptable for most people. However, the most sensitive population group may experience discomfort.

101-150 Poor.
Adverse health effects may occur in the sensitive part of the population. The major part of the population should feel relatively well.

151-200 Unhealthy.
The entire population begins to experience adverse health effects. This level can be very hazardous to the health of the most sensitive part of the population.

201-300 Very Unhealthy.
Staying under these conditions may result in serious health problems in the entirety of the population.

301-500 Harmful.
Serious health hazard. Staying under these conditions is considerably harmful to health.

500+ Toxic.
Living under such conditions is impossible. It is unwise, unhealthy and unsafe.